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Rogers Park Art Gallery, Showing My Work Through August, 2018

I am in a new gallery in Rogers Park called ‘Rogers Park Art Gallery’. My work will be there through the end of August. 

@ 6902 N Glenwood, Chicago. Its just down the street from the Morse Redline stop. 

Her hours are on weekends. Fri 4-7, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-4. She’s pretty casual about the whole thing but she assured me she’ll be open then unless she tells me otherwise and I’ll post it here. 

Pieces range from $3 to $600 for the big piece. 6 price points to choose from. Very affordable and big selection of unframed originals in the crate. 

Nice neighborhood. Awesome shops and bars tucked onto an unassuming little street. Make an afternoon !Heartland café, and Rogers Park Social Club are right next door. Fantastic niche, rare and eclectic spirits at Rogers Park Provisions. I nerded way out on this store and Nerverwhere (Neil Gaiman adaption) at Lifeline Theater, all a stones throw. Come see!

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Sweat Local Garden Gallery Show, June 16th, 2018

Sweat Local is a community Film Collective that brings diverse creatives and actives together. The Garden Gallery Show this year was in Logan Square in a appartment complex fenced in yard/ communal space. Four bands performed including Buda Band and Fury an up and coming badass female rapper. First hour was a blazing oven at 90degrees but then it cooled to perfection. The community was very welcoming and kind. Grace was a wonderful host. Fun times.

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Volga or Yangtze River Boatmen Research and Progress

Volga or Yangtze River Boatmen_2018_36in x 36in_oil on masonite_$600 Framed


There are songs that the boatmen who tugged boats up the Yangtze sang. Some of these songs described the specific routes through treacherous rapids.

The Soviets glorified their boatmen who were often social exiles for their toughness. ‘Volga Boatmen’ is a famous nationalist song celebrating them for their ideal Soviet image.

I have merged these stories with an Anton Chekov short story ‘In Exile’ about the desperation and loneliness of Soviet ferrymen.

-Frame has a painted pine spacer (to conserve weight) surrounded by solid cherrywood. Cherry has no stain just a satin polyeurathane.

This is the final piece:



These were a few of the influences:

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3.10 Night Market and Exhibition at FireCat Gallery, Wicker Park Chicago

Trina Mae Mabborang organized this as well as several other art events in rented spaces for single evenings. It was held at FIRECAT GALLERY in Wicker Park which is a very nice space and at which I have seen high level work exhibited.

The cover was $5 at the door which included free drinks. Good drinks. Quite a party and a rager. People even began to dance as the night wore on. The party changed character five or six times in a 3 hour span. From divided milling about to loud , vibrant and highly relaxed.

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Reggie’s SouthLoop – Pancakes and Booze Show

Reggie’s is a well known rock club on in the SOuth Loop of Chicago. Most up and coming rock bands have played there if the thick layers of band stcikers covering every surface of the bathrooms was any indication. This was two nights on a very warm summer night in August. I had scalded my hand on superheated popcorn oil a few days earlier so I was all wrapped up in gauze for this one. We met in Chinatown for dinner and then headed to the show with my crate of prints and bagged originals. I had included my 5in x 7in Urban Sketch prints in editions of 5. They proved the most popular. I sold several pieces both Saturday and Sunday. THere was a DJ and a really nice vibe here. Some buyers but mostly artists and their friends and family. Early in the night was crowded and quite a bit of attention on everybody’s pieces.  It thinned as the night went on.


THe piece in the upper left did wind up selling.


I traded this piece for one of Jynells prints. She was on the wall to my left. Very nice print, She is a printmaker from WIsconsin.