This format/ Of air space/ Between subject and subjected/ With mediation of media/ By a clean podium/ Pushed affront/ And bully puppets/ Blather diarrhetic/ Vomiting on stage.

    We all go too deep in shallow water. Bending the lightness here with m Even the weakest Sunshine does Multiply to Focus fire We warp Hold up Hold in And glint Like Little beads Of diamond dew Glued to Little Green leaves So I take my tea… Survey morning… Breathe in… And walk […]

Loose order/ And personal math/ Of stacks/ In memory/ But a mess/ By any order/ And delicate/ Deviant pile/ Marked up/ Et compliqué/ Cairns of time/ Spent here.  

Thick, salt, red/ Dark and flowing/ As anger shoots/ In powerful bursts/ Against bone and muscle/ A carnal attraction/ Seeing this/ A sharp, cold, spike/ Jammed right in/ Living nerves. This is fear/ No way to jet/ No way to fly/ No way to REact/ To laugh? But I do/ To embarrassment/ In violence/ In […]

Drinking and holding/ Cup and glass/ Split person playing game/ Dice and card/ Tobacco in dissent/ Fill and wrapper/ Empires growing/ Word and action/ Occupied not distracted.  

  Girl says to boy, Give me joy. Boy says to girl, Call me Merle. Girl says to boy, He’s lookin at me. Boy says to girl, You aint for free. Girl looks away, Dogs and fries. Boy gets a seat, Make way guys. Girl sees a man, Such a flirt. Boy holds his tongue, […]

  On wind/ In a cut/ Quiet break/ Sway/ Motions cause/ Internal drift/ Off course/ Dreaming/ To a tree/ World spinning/ Roots deep/ Swallow and gulls/ Trade winds/ Or land for sea.

A locus plane; Supported. And alter of focus; Concentrated. A summons; And still respect; When not.  

Social occasion/ To commune/ To comrade/ And dodge/ Sizing up/ Dressing down/ Making light/ Lighting up/ Outlook/ And scout/ Aware/ Social/ Negative/ And traps/ Sucking/ And avoided.

I want out of your selfie/ The incessant checking/ Updating and liking/ I want out of this maze/ This labyrinth/ Of attention demands/ I want to ignore/ To forget/ To unplug/ I want out of your selfie/ Such a stupid word, we all know.

A shock/ And betrayal/ Of person and space/ Sacred and damaged/ And enemies/ Breaching/ Wretched/ Screams/ Grasping/ Pulling/ At money/ And security/ Unsafe/ In my mind/ In my body/ A scorched soul.  

For tickets/ For bed/ Soup/ For recognition/ For ‘The’ job/ A job/ Proximity closes/ For fear of cuts/ Slow march forward/ Toward sandwich.